Saturday, October 16, 2004

Radio-Free for ALL!

This is a very good idea, my short trail of which you can follow below if you so desire.

I was looking for the Make magazine link and found it quite quickly with google. This is a very cool site and soon to be print magazine devoted to those of us who make or hack stuff from things we already own or have found.

I noticed the linkbar on the right of this page:
$20 FM transmitter kits to be sold as part of Radio Re-Volt
[Mark Frauenfelder]

So I followed from to's article:

I looked at the Walker Art Center site ( **), a place which my family and I actually visited about 3 years ago - very nice place. I especially like the spoon and cherry, but the goose crap all over the wet lawn was a disappointment. **Note: Need flash to appreciate this site.

Main link for how-tos, kits and complete transmitters.

Other important links in the article:,1283,63731,00.html

This is also a good way to help thwart the RIAA's efforts to keep music free.

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