Tuesday, October 12, 2004

DataTux LCD!

This little piece is about how I Dumpster dove, converted and setup my Datalux LCD picture viewer. I got 2 of these from my favorite local dumpster!

So after preparing the DataLux case, PC brick and LCD screen I have the new, improved DataTux LCD!!

Now, mind you the photo does not show the true beauty of this creation as you see a fuzzy image with lines on the screen. Believe me, this is a top-notch system. One look at the new label tells you its far superior to it's past life.

This picture shows a screen shot of my main SuSE desktop running with the cool image viewer feh. This is a very cool LCD picture frame setup! I painted all components using the new plastic paint by Krylon (Fusion). This worked fine for the LCD face, but failed to adhere properly on the epoxy (assumed) coating of the Aluminum case.

To support the monitor (i.e. stand upright), I modified the case by adding mounting holes and slots for mouting the back of the monitor to the PC brick. Read more about the software details at

I also learned I have more RAM than I previously thought. See, these bricks have 32mb on board, which turns out to be just another laptop RAM slot on the back of the motherboard. I discovered this little point after droping my new creation on the concrete - yeah, ouch! But some good came of it with this discovery. Now my slideshows run smoother and the OS is even more stable (DSL likes more RAM).

later - nomasteryoda